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Giving to Mission Church

Online Giving:

Click the button below to complete your one-time gift to Mission Church.




If you would like to create and manage recurring gifts, we strongly encourage you to login or create an account.

If you already have Mission Church Faith Teams account and would like to set up a recurring gift, click here to login

Note: Mission Church encourages using ACH (paying from your bank account directly) rather than Credit/Debit methods to donate since the fees are significantly lower for this and more of your gift will be contributed directly to the church.

Text Giving:

You can also text the word "GIVE" to (888) 862-8610!

This is a phone number used solely to transfer funds; it is not a business or personal phone number.


How does this work? 

- After texting this code, you will receive a link to login or create an account.

- Follow the prompts, and you will be directed to our giving form, which will allow you to give to whichever fund you choose (General, Diaconal, etc.) via Credit/Debit or ACH direct deposit.


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