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VISION, Mission & Values


Proclaiming the work of Christ through worship in Spirit and truth,

passionate witness to the lost, and growing the saints into the image of Christ.


Mission Church exists to worship the Triune God in Spirit and truth, Preach the word of God to our community, calling those outside of Christ to repentance and faith, and growing those in Christ by a passionate and diligent use of the means of grace (the preaching of the Word, right use of the sacraments, and prayer), being a church that welcomes all as Christ has welcomed us by genuine loving hospitality and transparent, intentional relationships,

and walking alongside people at all stages of their faith.


1.  A safe and welcoming Church 


Maybe you were raised in a church but have drifted away from the faith. Perhaps you have had bad experiences at church. Maybe you have no idea what the big deal about Jesus is. Or it could be that you have walked with Jesus for many years and are looking for a new community of faith. Wherever you find yourself in your journey of faith, you are welcome here! You are welcome with your questions and doubt. You are welcome with your hurt and need for healing. Our church is a safe place for you to bring your joy, feel your sorrow, grieve your pain, and be thankful for all the gifts you have received. We walk beside each other as we follow Jesus. Come and experience a welcoming and loving community!


2. Authentic worship done the way God tells us to worship 


Humans were created to be worshipers. All humans worship. But we must ask if our worship is truly pleasing to God? Or is it only pleasing to us? God in his word has loved us by telling us exactly how we are to worship him. And in God’s instructions for worship, we find true freedom and happiness. We have the joy of knowing that our worship is truly pleasing to God. We have freedom in knowing that we won’t be asked to do anything against God’s word in worship. And we experience the true happiness that comes from knowing that God receives our worship as our loving father and great king. Come and experience the joy of true worship in the truth of God’s word and full of the Spirit with love and authenticity!  


3. Growing in Christ by using the gifts he has given us 


God in his great love for us wants us to grow in the faith by the Spirit to look more and more like Jesus every day. And to do this he has given us gifts. We call these gifts the “means of grace.” These are the ways that God has promised to meet us and pour his grace upon us. The first of these means is the preaching of God’s word. This is where we hear of the great things that God has done for us and how we can apply them to our lives. The second is the sacraments, which are baptism and the Lord’s supper. Baptism is where God makes his promise to us that He will be our God, and we will be his people by faith. The Lord’s Supper is where we have a tangible reminder of the forgiveness of our sins and we, by the Spirit dine with Jesus. And the last of these is prayer. Prayer is where we can speak directly with God and share our heart, have the truth of his word impressed upon us, and be strengthened in his grace. Come and experience the power of God at work in your life through his gifts to us! 


4. A community of all ages and cultures 


The Christian faith is not simply an American faith. It is not a Democrat or Republican faith. It is not a faith for one language or culture. It is not a rich or poor faith. The Christian faith is over 2000 years old. It reached the lowest of servants to the highest of nobles. It has reached into every language and every continent. The Bible tells us of what heaven will be like. It will be people of every tribe, language, people, and nation all gathered as one family in Jesus, worshiping God in peace. The Gospel reconciles all people together as one people. Cultural dividing lines are smashed by Jesus who has made us one in him. The world is crying out for peace. Divisions are rife in our community. The Gospel of Jesus is the hope the world needs. Come and see how the gospel can truly unite all people together as one and see how the church shows the world what true family, peace, and love looks like!


5. Reaching out with the love of Christ to our community 


The Christian faith does not simply affect our mind or our emotions. It is a faith that is lived out in our daily lives. As Christ has loved us, it fills us with love for others. We want the whole world to know the good news about Jesus. We have the privilege and joy to share the Gospel of Jesus to the whole world. We do this by telling the world what Jesus has done, demonstrating the truth of it by our actions, and doing practical acts of love and mercy to our neighbors. Come and experience a love that causes us to overflow in love to others and reach out to them in that love! 

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