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Our church is a growing and energetic church plant. In our church, you will find people of all ages: babies being held by their parents, children playing together, teenagers, college age, young families, older families, as well as widows. Truly people of any age, race, culture, or socio-economic background are welcome here!


As you prepare to come, please dress in any way you feel most comfortable. You may see some people in suits, some people in jeans, some women in dresses, some in pants. Please, wear whatever makes you comfortable!


As you drive up to the Indiana Wesleyan University Merrillville building, you will notice an A-frame sign in the driveway that says, "Mission Church." Please turn in and park near the building. Both doors will be unlocked, but the door facing the parking lot is the easiest for entrance.


As you enter, be expected to be greeted by a smiling, friendly person.  Expect to get some good coffee or tea, and some snacks and proceed into either Sunday School or to the worship service. There will be signs clearly posted directing you to which room has which Sunday School, as well as to the worship service.


Expect for your children under the age of 10 to have a great time in their Sunday School classes! You will find that they are safe and all children must be signed in and signed out. Expect to find that we take the protection of our children as a top priority!


Expect that you will be given a copy of our order of service when you enter the worship service. Expect that we will hear God call us to worship, that we will pray, that we will sing the great hymns and psalms of the faith, expect to hear the scriptures read. Expect to confess the creeds of the church, expect to hear the scriptures faithfully preached from the Bible, and expect the sacraments of the church (Lord's Supper and Baptism) to be faithfully administered. We take the Lord's Supper together as a church on the first Sunday of the Month.


After the Service, expect to hang out with us and fellowship! We are a church that loves one another and will love you as you are with us! Expect to have several cups of coffee, have some great conversations, and expect to make some friends!


On the last Sunday of the month, we have a fellowship meal as a church and you are invited! You needn't bring anything! Please come and enjoy! 

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